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Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association
Community Awareness Nights

Tuesday, March 1st, 7:00 pm
Lake Orion High School
495 E. Scripps Rd.
Lake Orion, MI 48360

Wednesday, March 9th, 7:00 pm
Black Hills Community Center
1035 Godfrey Avenue SW
Grand Rapids, MI, 49503

Are you interested in getting students involved in cycling?

Helping them to:
• Build interest in a lifelong sport?
• Develop coordination and fitness?
• Get outdoors and away from the computer/TV?
• Be involved in a sport where everybody plays every minute; where there are no "benches" or "sidelines"?
MiSCA is primarily focused on encouraging schools to form cycling clubs for the purpose of offering a healthy alternative to traditional sport teams, but MiSCA's ultimate objective is provide a mountain bike racing league for the entire state.

• MiSCA plans on awarding a minimum of $1,000 college scholarships, sponsored by Cannondale and Michigan Youth Cycling, to the MiSCA male and female Varsity championship winners.
• Separate awards at each race are given to MiSCA racers.
• MiSCA is partnering with area bike shops and industry sponsors to offer exclusive discounts to MiSCA registered teams.

MiSCA recognizes the challenges of getting schools to accept cycling as a club or team sport and has come up with a support team to help overcome the objections faced when trying to establish a school team. We have also developed an alternative or "composite" team concept that will allow the formation of scholastic teams other than those sponsored by a school. These clubs could be sponsored by youth groups, bike shops or individuals.

Representatives from MiSCA will be on hand to give a brief presentation on the program and how you can get your student involved or help to start a team. Please come and join us to hear about this great program that is spreading across the state.

659 Posts
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Just like the meetings at LOHS and in Grand Rapids, MiSCA will be holding a community awareness session on Saturday, April 2 at 10:00 am on the campus of MSU. Come out and hear how you can join or start a MiSCA club. 108 Bessey Hall/ Michigan St. University Auditorium Road ( southwest corner of Farm Lane and Auditorium Road)Lansing, MI 48824-1033.
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