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SC XC Blur / Superlight

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We are having an office disussion and no one has the answer---

Can anyone enlighten us on the major differences between the SC Blur XC and the SC Super Light?

Thanks in advance
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superlight is a single pivot and the blur is a dual pivot design.
Thank you! --- What are the benefits of one over the other?
One is is aluminum.
The single pivot has a circular path of travel. The dual pivot is called VPP vitual pivot point and has a more linear travel, The blur is known for its abilty to smooth out the bumps under power without losing energy to the suspension.

But the platform shocks have made single pivots a more viable option again.
Simpler and more sophistcated = a cost of service :D & a list of points to check
Bikeon said:
Simpler and more sophistcated = a cost of service :D & a list of points to check
I ride a 2000 SL with a fox float r shock.I am interested in the comment by trailsurfer12 about a platform shock.what is that?I have upgraded the fork,installed disc brakes converted to tubeless etc,, Should I be looking for a platform shock?Thanks in advance
A platform shock basically adds some low speed compression damping.

When it is turned on, it will prevent pedal bob, espcially when you use the small chain ring. however, it does not affect high speed compression, so despite it can soak up the big hits.

The suspension will feel a bit more stiff when the platform is turned on.
If you want a sweet shock for your Superlight, look at the Fox RP23, or if you want to save a little money, check the RP2, they have 'propedal' which as mentioned above, eliminates, or at least severely limits pedal bob. I think it makes the ride entirely different and notice the climbing is much better.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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