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SC Heckler + Rockshox Pearl 3.1

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A buddy of mine bought me a Rockshox Pearl 3.1 rear shock for my birthday, since the stroke and dimensions of the Pearl are identical to the one that is currently on my Heckler.

The problem is, the Pearl came with spacers that are much too wide to fit in the mounts. Is this a simple case of removing the pressed bearings, because it was spec'd for a different bike?

I have access to a machine shop, I was thinking of simply cutting it down to the correct length... but something's telling me that might not be the right course of action. Heck, I've googled it and haven't found a single Heckler with this rear shock, maybe it's not supposed to go on it?
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This is really a question that should be asked in either the Santa Cruz or Shocks/Suspension forum.
Thank you :) I'll go do that.
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