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Well the boys at Santa Cruz did me right again. About a year ago i cracked my 2002
Superlight swingarm. I sent the whole frame in, waited for a swingarm to match my color.
Well after waiting for a few months i called them and said i was tired of waiting. So they
give me a whole new frame and swingarm in Anodized, when my old one was powdercoat.
The best part was it came to me N/C. FREE.... So i'm a happy camper on my new Blue
Ano Superlight. I ride it for about 9 months and while on a nite ride i go OTB on a rocky
downhill. I came out fine but my bike has a big dent in the left seatstay on the swingarm.
Well i did not have the money to fix it yet so i ride it for a few more months and finally i
get the money for a crash replacement. I call SC and talk to Willie in the warranty dept.
and tell him my story. He says he has my color in stock so i box up the swingarm and
send it in. 4 days later it shows up and Willie ships me a new swingarm for $250. The
best part is that it shows up in 3 days. Props to SC and Willie for great customer service
and you can tell all your friends that SC Rocks.... I love my bike , it's the 3rd SC i've
owned and you can bet i'll buy more in the future........


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DH40 said:
Yep and Scotty Turner serves up a mean plate of CS as well.

That's why I'm on my 3rd SC.
Willie and Scott Turner have both treated me so well, and stood by minor issues, and came through .. they even sent me a BEAUTIFUL free SC jersey just to be nice. I wear that thing on my fav of fav rides, just to feel extra special.

Santa Cruz CS service rocks the house .. I cannot think of any other company that has been as wonderful on CS in my 15 years of dealing w/ bike stuff.

Chris King has been great too.

Many others are fine, but Chris King and SC have to be the highest in the industry in my personal experience.
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