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I've narrowed my next bike down to either the Bronson or the Trance Advanced SX, both in size XL.

I had the previous version of the Trance and was a little cramped on it but assumed I would fit fine on the Trance Adv in large. Luckily I got a chance to ride a friend's Trance Adv in size large and with the shorter stems that are now coming on bikes I don't fit comfortably... So XL it is.

One thing I noticed on the Giant website though was the wheelbase of the SX in size XL is listed as 47.7 inches!! My Demo 8 size large, which is the longest bike I've ever ridden, has a wheelbase of 47.56.

How is the Giant that long? If anyone out there has the SX in XL, can you verify the wheelbase for me? Can you give me some riding impressions too?

Also, if anyone has the Bronson in XL, especially if they've fitted a 160mm for to it, can you verify the wheelbase on it?


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The wheelbases on these bikes are pretty long. I had an XL carbon Bronson with a 160 Pike. Can't remember the specific measurement, but it was pretty dead nuts on with the official wheelbase on the SC site, once you account for the longer fork.

Frame is available for sale if you're interested with headset and Avy'd shock.
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