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Say what you will about paid pre-order, sometimes it works out just fine

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About two weeks ago I ordered a gravel bike. It is scheduled to be delivered in about 8 weeks, and these guys are usually on time even now. I went to the site today to look at a component spec, and the bike went up 20% overnight and it was not a cheap bike. Of course the price increases are mirroring gas, food, housing, etc. In fact the only thing that hasn't gone up is my salary, but that's another story. Then I got an email saying when I get mine, it will be the latest revision and not the older model.

I know people get irritated by paid pre-ordering, but I feel like a dodged a bullet. Ya know, sometimes this paid pre-order stuff works out just fine.
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I put the full price on back ordered Niner RLT last year. It took 151 days from the day I ordered it to the day the box was at my door. I upgraded my order twice while waiting, It went from the steel model to the carbon fiber and the 1x setup to the 2x. It took so long that the model year changed and I got a chance to choose one the other new colors they had for that production year. The bike shop, Bike Bling, made sure I got everything I wanted and treated me well. I understand they are having a hard time sourcing bikes and parts (it seems everyone is) but they handled my order without trouble. They even setup the brakes the way I like - front brake on the right side - like its supposed to be!. I knew that if there was trouble I had my credit card to ask for help, glad I didn't need it.

I would have rather bought the bike at one of the local shops, none carried Niner... I still take the bike to the LBS for service and buy stuff there when they have want I want/need in stock.
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