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My husband and I are planning a 2 wk. mountain biking trip beginning of August. I'm trying to gauge how much riding there is to keep us busy. It looks like there's plenty to keep us busy in Bozeman for about 1 wk.
What about sawtooth/white cloud in Idaho...are there enough trails to ride for 1 wk? And are the trails close enough to town where we can stay in a hotel or do you have to camp to access these trails? We very much enjoy back country trails that have a remote feel to them.
We've ridden the Sun Valley trails and enjoyed them, but don't want to repeat them and are in search of new trails.

Thanks for the help!

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In the Stanley area, lets see, Elk Mountain loop, Fisher Creek Williams Creek loop, Little Basin Loop (aka Potato Mountain), Redfish Lake loop, Casino Lakes loop, check the stickies for more detailed information. Another source would be Greg McRoberts' book "Mountain biking Sun Valley and the Sawtooth Mountains". My favorite place to stay in Stanley is The High Country Inn, a little pricey, but you get a free breakfast. Tons of places to camp in the area, for more info look here Have a great trip!

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My vote

Spend about three days in Bozeman and the rest in the White Clouds and stuff on the way to the Idaho. The rides in Bozeman really aren't that centrally located and you will spend a fair amount of time driving. However, there's more than enough near Stanley to keep you busy for 2 weeks.

I'm originally from the Hailey/Ketchum/Sun Valley area, but now I live in Bozeman. Personally I wouldn't spend a week riding in Bozeman if you're willing to go elsewhere.

Here are some ideas


History Rock to South Cottonwood
Bangtail Divide
Garnet Mountain
Hyalite out and back
Blackmore out and back (or to S. Cottonwood)


Little Casino/Big Casino
Boundary Creek/Martin Creek/Warm Springs Meadow/Fisher Creek
Redfish Loop
Little Basin/Big Basin
Ants Basin
Frog Lake
Robinson Bar

Surround Areas that are possibly on the way:

Curly Lake Highline in the Tobacco Roots
Lost Cabin Lake also in the T-roots
Sheep Lake in the Lionhead Range
Local Loops in Missoula
Beaver Ponds/Toll Canyon near Butte could be a fun quick stop on your way to Idaho
And lots more that I can't think of right now

Stay in Stanley and eat at the Stanley Bakery before every ride :)

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appreciated the feedback. we are coming from So. Ca. so for us, Bozeman is farther than Stanely. I will look into your ride suggestions, and probably post again w/ more questions!
thanks again.

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ditto what others have said. more than a week of riding in the stanley / whitecloud area of the salmon river, in every direction. bonus: many hot springs in the area too. good riding west of stanley also, in the upper valley creek area, trap creek area and bull trout lake country. the yankee fork, north of town, has some great rides too.

the people who own the already mentioned stanley bakery also own the sawtooth hotel in stanley: west end of street across from the rod and gun club. ummm beer. the hotel is historically old, but recent remodel and green now. tim, the owner of both places is also a rider and would probably line you out.

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