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Saved a hiker today, sort of

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Interesting happenings today. I decided at about 3:30 to do a Desert Classic ride, in at Telegraph Pass TH, practiced climbing switchbacks on Corona de Loma for a while, went to Pima Canyon and up the fire road, up and over Beverly Canyon and back toward home on DC. It was getting toward dusk now, just west of the water tank, a couple teenage girls were in the trail and asked for help. Their mother was up the side of the mountain, somehow they had gotten lost looking for Fat Man's Pass, and she had fallen and twisted her ankle. I rode up a wash a ways, did some pushing, and finally found her. She was hobbling quite slowly, her 16ish year old son was just walking beside her not even helping, so I managed to help her and my bike down at the same time. By now it was getting dark, fortunately I had put my headlight on the bike just in case, and I got them out to the road by the water tank. A local hiker offered them a ride to the fire station so they could wait for a ride. They were very ill prepared for their adventure, they parked at Buena Vista, trail blazing, no map, tank tops, tennis shoes, no light, not much water. Being as mountain bikers are trail hogging, going to fast, child scaring, dog hating, grandma jostling baddies, what are the odds that they ran into the only one that isn't? By the way, yesterday morning I bombed down National to BC hogging the trail, going way to fast, scaring kids and dogs and grandmas,,, and myself, it was great.
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