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Save South Seatac Ride

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City officials are attending SST while there is a race, if you can go that'd be great. i'm posting a ride if you want to go as a group through the club.

Any way you can make it this night will help out.
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I love racing at this place.
Hey thanks to those that came out, there was a real good turnout, glad so many mt. bikers from across the spectrum represented. Was so nice seeing John Lang and Jon Kennedy out there working the booth, and i'm pretty sure all the mucky mucks from "gubment" are totally clued into our presence there now, which is good!

South Seatac has literally flied under the radar or under the flight path rather... It's pretty obvious that we're too late for the jail to not be put in, but we're doing a real good job in showing them the value of recreation down there. That kind of eye opener will hopefully get us better opportunity? So if we lose, maybe down the road we ALL win?

i think that's what we all hope and will work for, right?
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