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Last Saturday my ridding buddy Jay and I went for a ride after I got out of my part time job at a LBS. He showed up a bit before closing to buy disk brake pads and a chain and we were going to ride right after closing.

At closing time the mom of a kid that works with us came by to pick him up and told that rained for 1 hour on the area that we were going to night ride, she was doing trail maintenance there.

We arrived at the park, got ready and as soon as we started to pedal my right pedal broke. The same thing happened to Jay the week before ( and after considering cancelling the ride we decided to head back home and he was going to let me borrow a spare set that he has. We went back home, removed the pedals and installed the borrowed ones; I sold him my spare set the week before.

We thought that the pedal issue was the only bad thing that could happen, we were wrong. We get into the park, decide to do the longest singletrack and after 15 minutes of riding a torrential downpour hits the area, we rode on a slick, full of suicidal frogs, thru running water, rooty, muddy trail; I even lost the sense of direction. I have no idea how much time we were on the section of trail but sure felt like an eternity. When we finally found the exit and made it to the parking lot we were amazed with what just had happend.

Yesterday I spent the day feeling sick and spent most of the time on the couch watching TV and dozing off. Jay was supposed to come by with his new Zion frame to start the build but I haven't heard from him since Saturday night.

Has something like this happened to you?
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