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No, I didn't shred.

My mixed-terrain route delivered in the best way possible. I was in for 55mi. - without the side trips - and at my less-than-stellar fitness level, I was gonna get my $$$sworth.
T-12 hours showed 80% chance of rain.

I rolled out on my 29+ at 7:15am under cloudy skies headed for a private camp out in the proverbial boonies, and not in a hurry. My family would meet me later. In the very likely scenario that our arrivals did not coincide, I hauled 2 pints of IPA to enjoy upon my arrival, along with a massive PB+honey sammich (made with special "massive" bread) and some go-go bars and 2L of water.
First thing I did, about 1/4 mi. in, was divert from the planned route...

As such, every decision of the day was a winner. I rode so far from my house that I was getting near my old house, so my route overlapped some of my more ambitious old routes from when I lived there. So I got nostalgia, I got singletrack, I even got courteous drivers where I had to ride the road. I had wind in my toes (I do love riding in sandals). I even got my 2nd wind just when I really needed it. Concentrated storm clouds appeared to avoid me. I navigated an abandoned road that surprisingly had a fairly modern bridge out in the middle of the forest. I cramped on the last hill coming out of the river valley, thus resorting to riding zig-zag up the old road in an attempt to control my legs.

At the top was a cross-road and the entrance to a sprawling estate and farm (I'd never been there). Once I found the group (my family arrived within 10 minutes) it was time for beers, food, and a rinse in the lake. As the day went on, more friends arrived, more kids laughed and splashed (how many screaming kids can fit on a paddleboard? :lol:), more games, songs, food, not too many bugs, and no rain. My legs recovered pretty well, too. I got that "good tired" feeling.
One of the best days in a long time. And of course it started out with a bike a ride.

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