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Saris Thelma

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I've had a Thelma 2 bike rack for two years and have transported various 26" wheeled bikes on it with no problems. Today I try to load a bike and just couldnt get the front wheel - 26X1.25 - to seat in the tray. Then I noticed that the top edge of the tray was hitting the back of the crown and I couldnt slide the wheel back in the tray far enough to secure it.

Has anybody else run into this? Any ideas on how to seat this wheel in the tray without cutting the rack (not gonna happen) I have fit wheels as big as 2.4" and as small as 1" in this rack with no problems but I have never had the tray hit the fork/crown. What would you do?


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Yeap, that's look about right for the Thelma. Call saris they'll send you additional straps. I couldn't even fit my 2.35 kenda without deflating the front wheel. convenience design but not versatile enough for MTB now I took them off and use my Yakima hitch.
I saw a post by someone else who had a similar problem who had to cut the tray slightly -

I know the very latest version of the rack also uses a new tray so it can carry 29er mtn bike wheels - you might contact Saris to see if they'll send/sell new trays that would work on your rack (I don't know if this is possible, just making suggestions).
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Thanks Paul for the link. As for buying upgrade from Saris is a no, they would not sell upgrade. At least that's what they told me.

The mod seems like a possibility though as my Saris is just sitting in the garage, why not.
Well, glad I could be helpful. :)

If you go to the accessories page -

They sell "Thelma Adult Retro Fit Kit (pre-2010 racks)". But they also sell the same for "For 2010 Only", so maybe they just sell them to replace kids ones, or broken ones or something.
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