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Saris bones bike rack

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I have heard that if you have a plastic bumper this bike rack can damage it. Anyone have this rack with a plastic bumper?
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Yes it can damage your bumper, but i think most trunk racks will cause some type of damage after prolonged use. I never put more than one bike on that rack and i was starting to get indentions in my bumper cover arfter 6 or 8 uses. The foot pads really put a lot of pressure on the bumper bc they don't distribute the forces along a wider area. I don't use it anymore bc i found a way to mount a hitch rack to my mr2 spyder. If you have a nice car that you care about i would highly suggest putting a small hitch on it so you can use a hitch mount rack.
Yes it will leave dents in the bumper. I made the mistake of going into work for a couple hours with the rack on, no bike, and the sun was on the car. That was when I quit caring about the dents cause the sun made them pretty permanent. Other than that it is a wonderful rack. The rack is designed to carry the weight on the bottom feet giving more support for the bikes. My bikes don't move on this thing and I drive a hatchback. I have carried a dh and two all mountain rigs on this sucker with no problems.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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