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santacruz nomad rear coil spring weight

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I have a 2007 Santacruz nomad with a 2.85x650 coil spring with a fox DHX 5.0 rear shock. I am 6'4" and 175lbs and want to know what weight the coil should be.
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according to SC's setup guide ( you should run either a 400lb or 450lb spring. however in order to achieve proper sag of 20-30% I had to run a spring that was 100lb lighter than what was recommended. i'm also 175lb with full gear and i use a 350lb spring.

you'll find a number of riders who found the recommended spring weight to be way too firm. most dropped at least 50lb.
Hi Ricardo

I've got a nomad with a DHX 5 coil and weigh 176 too. SC setup guide says 400 or 450. I run a 400. I think the 450 would be a bit stiff for me. Hope this helps
I weigh 175-180 fully geared up and ready to ride. I swap between a 400lb and 450lb spring depending on my mood. 650 must feel like a rock for you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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