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Santa Fe rideable?

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Hi All,

Our crew is trying to escape the mud/slush in the Colorado Front Range next weekend. From reading some of the other threads, it looks like Albuquerque is right on the edge of dry and rideable. I was hoping someone might shed some light on the conditions in Santa Fe. Also, if you have some thoughts on recommendations for rides, that would be great too.

Thanks for any help or information,

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The South Foothills in ABQ should be ready by next weekend, depending on how much, if any, moisture we get around Thursday. White Mesa sounds like it is ridable so it's a great option...

As for Santa Fe, I would think it would be a stretch, but Maka or SweetLeaf Tim should have a bench mark for ya...
I live on a dirt road in SE of SF and if my road is muddy (it is) the trails around here are only ridable if frozen. It's been pushing 60 the last couple of days, if we don't get any moisture the rest of the week, Galisteo Preserve may be ridable, not sure about La Tierra. All things considered, I'd suggest heading further South and hitting White Mesa.
LT, Nambe, Atalya, Sphinx, Dorthy Stuart and most DB are all rideable with with little to no crude pickup or clean up.
Dale Ball is still too muddy to ride. If you go out, be sure to walk the muddy areas. As you know, don't widen the trail or deepen the mud. We would rather be making more new trails on work days than having to fix existing trails. Thanks.

Nambe is perfect though. The parking lot is 4 miles east from the 285 turnoff.
Think I remember the Nambe trails

I think I rode the Nambe trails about 15 years ago. They were pretty cool trails in badlands country, but a pretty short ride. Are they located 4 miles east on NM 503?
Yes, that's the one. Yesterday I got in 15 miles by combining both sides of the road. There are also some arroyo trails that go all the way northwest to 285 again. Plenty of dry stuff to explore when everything else is too wet.

The SF Fat Tire group is working with BLM to expand the trail system. We need a paleontologist to clear our route for dino bones and such first. Know any?
Thanks for the info. Those formations are too young to contain dino bones, but lots of extinct mammals have been found out there. Guy named Gary Morgan at the NM Natural History Museum has collected in that area. He might be able to do a clearance, or knows of a consultant who could. If its BLM land, they might have their own paleo. Glad to hear that area is still full of good trails.
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