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RCC called me Friday morning when I was getting ready to leave to ride White Mesa asking if there were any plans for Saturday. I suggested Rio En Medio, as the last time I rode REM with a group, I developed a severe case of new bike fever.

The self-prescribed remedy for this was to bail on the photo ops/sessioning/slinky effect with the large group and not stop until I got to the bottom. Also to drink liquids.

Sensing a relapse of the fever, RCC agreed it might be better to have a small group. An early morning meet up in Santa Fe was arranged.

Unlike Albuquerque, Santa Fe's been getting regular rains and the streams are flowing

Mtn. Biker123 demonstrated the "cruise to the top" method of climbing.

During the same time, some dirt roadies were doing a ride called the Santa Fe Big Friggin Loop.

Big miles, big altitude.

On our ride up, several people asked if we were riding the SFBFL. Sort of. We did our own version of it called the Santa Fe Little Friggin Loop, which is appropriate for the type of bikes the Bandoleros ride.

The climb up Pacheco road was uneventful but seems shorter every ride. We crossed the well known Winsor trail at one point.

After that it's a short bit to the ski resort and the descent. Winter has done it's damage, but the flow is there. Bandoleros know where to find it.

Shortly we were at Aspen Ranch and time for a break.

The photo opportunities dwindled as the trail follows the En Medio.

And were limited to the ditch jumping


Soon we were at the junction of Borrego. As with most trails in NM, it's well signed and easily understandable.

Mtn. Biker123 almost didn't show up due to a bad crash on Friday, but with enough bandages still has the moves.

At the car, we packed the bikes into the car and went off for some well deserved liquid refreshments.

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Great ride, and nice write-up Bruce. I could have gone without seeing my fat arse in the last pic though;)

I will add a few here from the other thread.

Bandoleros don't cry when nature hands us a few lemons...we make lemonade.

notaknob on a 'new' trail feature

the nobster earning some frequent flier miles:thumbsup:

and beating the odds on the toughest section...way to go Bruce

The three of us recapping the days events...and throwing pine cones at the 'dirt rodies':p


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Wish I could have made the ride. Rio En Medio is one of the best around.

What about the drop, knob? I see you getting set up for it, but I don't see a photo.
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