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Santa Cruz Superlight vs. Haro Shift frame

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I'm interested in a simple design of single pivot bike and have narrowed down to santa Cruz Superlight and Haro Shift R5 that are available at my local bike shop down the street. There is about a $250 difference between lowest end Superlight(
$1350) complete bike and Haro R5($1100). Haro comes with X-Fusion RPVshock and Sram/Truvativ components. Superlight comes with Manitou SPV shock and mostly shimano Deore components. I'm kind of worried about only 2 year warranty on Superlight frame while Haro has limetime warr. But I only ride relatively tame XC trails anyway.
Is there any difference in ride quality of these two? They seem very similar in design and both shocks have a platform valve. I only weigh 160lbs. I know both have been making these frame design forever. Any feed back to help me make decision would be appreciated. thanks!
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