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Not that such a topic hasn't been discussed before but I'm looking for input from those of you out there that are a bit on the tall side. I'm 6'1"- 6'2" and weight in right around 170. I wear pants with an inseam of 34 and dress shirts of 36-37. I rode for the longest time a Santa Cruz Chameleon, an 2003 and I would like to sell it and get my hands on their superlight. The question I have is can I swing a Large or is X-large really the way to go. My biggest concern is knee clearance and distance from the headtube. I don't want to feel like I'm packed to badly. For comparison sake I listed the large superlight specs against the chameleons XL from 2003. Couple things I've read/experienced and want to weigh in on prior to comments. First I hear a lot of people who will buy a smaller frame and then ride like a 120 stem. Riding with a longer stem results in reduced handling and slower steering. I don't plan on going larger than 100. Second is a debate I've heard regarding layed back seatposts. I had one on my Chameleon and I didn't really notice a huge difference between that and a vertical post but in theory the bike was designed with the riders weight to be somewhat balanced across the frame, placing the rider back reduces his/hers climbing ability and make in some sence make the front end lighter resulting in reduced traction, etc. Just things floating in my head. Comments welcome, advice needed. Thanks in advance.

Superlight (L) Chameleon (XL)
Top tube 24 24
head tube 4.3 5.8
head tube angle 71 69.7
seat tube 19.5 20
seat tube angle 73.5 71.7
wheelbase 44.1 42.8
chainstay 16.7 16.5
BB height 12.3 12.2
standover 29 30.5
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