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Santa Cruz Superlight Clicking Noise

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So I bought a second hand Santa Cruz Superlight a few months back. It's starting to make a clicking noise, similar to the noise a loose headset would make. I'm sure it's not the headset or crank/BB, since I've replaced them since I've bought the bike. The noises are very random, but happen frequently (i.e. - not on every revolution of the wheel or crank, not specifically while braking/coasting). The only thing I can think of is the pivot bearings needing to be serviced, but I'd like the greater community's thoughts before plopping down money for a kit. This is my first full suspension bike, so it's a bit daunting to figure things out.

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Perhaps your brakes? My Magura Marta brakes make random clicking noises.
I hope this isn't a daft suggestion, but it might be worth checking you have your rear QR tight enough. If I don't tighten mine pretty firmly I get a sort of clicking noise coming through.
Check the crank/ chain ring bolts. Depending, they can loosen up and make funny noises when you really get on them.

I have also noticed that I get a bit of squeaking from the points at which my derailuer cable housings fit into the stops on the frame. Not sure that this ever clicked, but it may. Some heavy grease in the housings foxed this.
The clicking noise could originate anywhere on bike. I had the clicking noise on my Superlight this year. Turned out the clicking originated from the saddle bolts on my Thomson seatpost. I removed and regreased the bolts and that took care of my clicking noise.
2 on mine

I had 2 creaking noises on my SL a month ago, one was the dried seatpost, took it off, added a little grease to the tip, problem solved, then another creaking sound appeared, i thought it was the seatpost again, but no, pivot bearings where shot, replaced bearing, problem solved...
Like others have said, check your QR's, crank arm bolts, seat clamp bolts that are lubed and real tight..
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