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Santa Cruz ridng with dog

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Does anyone know of any trails i can run my dog on without a leash around the santa cruz area? just out here for vacation, but dog needs exercise
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Sadly, nothing legal I can think of. There is a large fenced dog park in Scotts Valley at Sky Park. Other than that, if your dog comes when called, shoot me a pm.

Aptos on the railroad tracks from clubhouse drive south to La Selva beach. There is a single track next to the tracks. When I lived there thats where I took my dogs

I, and many others do it all the time (although, I'm not sure about the legality of it), however, very rarely do I see dogs on leash once you get on single track...
Thanks for the advice guys!

I had a similar problem not long ago -- and one of the rangers at the Wilder told me to take the dog to UCSC trails - although there really aren't any trails there. Just kidding. But not. Have fun!
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You can ride with your dog at Demo.
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