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So I'm thinking of a 'cheapish' upgrade/experiment with my Nomad v3. There seems to be enough evidence to suggest that a 29er front wheel makes a bike roll better and is quicker overall. The bike is an amazing bike and I don't want to 'sell and buy'. The other option is swapping out the front fork. I currently run a Lyrik 170mm which probably gives me a HA of around 65deg.

So here's my hypothesis... I swap to a 29er 160mm Lyrik which increases the Axle to Crown by 10mm (8-9mm height). The tyre size will increase by around 17mm which gives a total front height increase of around 25.5mm (1" for old school :) ). I calculate a BB increase of around 9-10mm and a HA change of around 1deg.

So the overall change would be:

HA: 64deg (approx)
BB height: 350mm (approx)

This sounds rideable (for mainly gravity) or am I missing something? Are there other changes I should be worried about? i.e. seat tube angle
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