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Well this might not be new stuff for this section, since MTBR seems to get stuff before even the magazines, power of the internet for you. I wont repost ALL of the stuff, in hopes not to upset Santa Cruz, etc. Stuff for all you who don't like recieving stuff via emails

Liquid Blue

Black Chrome

New Model Availability -
Blur-XC and Blur-LT Models are now rolling through production in good numbers, and the Nomad production is starting to catch up in the initial production run of Medium and Large sizes, with the Small and XL size runs in production now and expected to start shipping out right after the Winter holiday break.

Bullit Update -
Many, and I mean MANY, of the Bullit faithfuls have inquired about the absence of the Bullit in the 2006 catalog and website. Relax, it's all going to be ok. After 7 great years of dedicated service, the Bullit has entered the SCB equivalent of the witness protection program. It's currently hidden away at an undisclosed location, getting torn apart, re-designed, and ready for re-release in '2007'. It will return in all its single pivot glory, better, faster and stronger. Next time you see it the face may look a little different, but the heart and soul will remain all Bullit.

If this breaks the rules in anyways, MODS can delete :cool:
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