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santa cruz demo

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Santa cruz is going to demo there 2010 bikes this year( yes i know they dont have model years). They need us to email them, telling them where they need to come to. Send requests to [email protected] . I only posted this in the nc and sc forum cause I am in charlotte.
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Raleigh, any time after 2/1/10 as I'll be moved there by then!
This thread was ment to point out the email address for the demo requests or we can just postyour request here and I ll email santa cruz a link to this thread.
Yes, thanks for posting, I'm just started to get excited about my upcoming move to Raleigh. I can email Santa Cruz.
charlotte would be best but pisgah would be fun

I want a NOMAD badly - I think the demo will put me over the top
I cant wait to ride just about everything. Heckler, blur xc, blt2, hell even the new sl. I want a new sc and this will be the perfect way to decide which frame to get next.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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