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Santa Barbara Trails ???

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I'm here in SB for 3 months on vacation and I'm looking for lots and lots of trails to ride.

I rode Buckhorn Trail, Romero Canyon, and Little Pine about 10 years ago when I was visiting.

What am I missing ? I'm looking to put together anything from 1-5 hrs.

Are there any other riders in town who want to hook up for a ride ?

About me - former Semi Pro XC just a 'kinda fast' 38 yr old dad.
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A 3 month vacation in Santa Barbara? That's a long time. Make sure to stop by Oprah's house and throw some oranges in her swimming pool.
Check out the Wednesday night and Friday night rides that leave from Hazard's at 6. The Wednesday ride is faster paced (if you raced semi-pro, you'll be able to hang) and you will learn a lot about the hidden (legal) trails on the SB frontside. Lights are necessary until probably mid-April or so.
I did get out and hit Jesusita Trail twice ...... excellent start for sure. Looks like there should be alot of connetor trails from the top of Jesusita ?

I did do Santa Cruz Trail (Little Pine) a long time ago. The decent was nice but definitely not worth the 11 miles of fire road to get to it.

Thanks for the info on Hazards. I know 2 of the guys there from my stay a few years ago. See if I can jump in tomorrow and get some riding in.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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