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Santa Barbara Area Trails - beginner friendly

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wondering if anyone has any recommendations for trails in the SB area that are beginner friendly, and if anyone feels like going for a ride with a newbie- just got my first bike last week! :)

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Congratulations on the new bike Marco. A couple of beginner options are the Ellwood Bluffs. Not a whole lot of climbing but the views are great and it's a nice place to get started. If you live downtown, Elings Park has some nice trails. There's some climbing, but nothing too long and various degrees of technical difficulty to work on your skills. For a nice, not technical climb, Romero Canyon is nice.

Have fun.
thanks- live right across from Ellwood so already gone there a few times- thanks for the info on Elings and Romero
beach path
Beach path is not beg. friendly! Your eyes wonder ( and they will) and next thing you know you are over the bars :)

TTNE Said it. Ellings is a great little place to ride and progress. SB is pretty lucky to have such a place.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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