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Santa Cruz Juliana -to- Titus Motolite

Since the wifey changed her frame I got a couple of PMs asking about the differences. I figured more than a few Juliana owners might be curious, so I though I'd make info available to all.

The wife is 5'1" with a 28" inner seam and she was on a Medium Juliana with a 100mm stem and setback seat post.

She was extremely happy with the fit and loved the playful feel of the bike (short wheel base and low BB). Her only complaint was the fact that the short wheelbase made the bike feel tippy when rolling small 1 ft drops. It was very hard to talk her into trying another bike - she's owned three others and nothing came close to the fit/performance of the Juliana. She truly loved that bike.

Anyway I'll cut to the chase - the Medium Juliana and the XS Motolite a pretty close in TT length and stand over (she has about 1.5" of stand over clearance on either frame). The ML has an inch longer wheelbase and a higher bottom bracket which makes it more suitable for technical terrain. Mrs. 71 was apprehensive that she was going to loose the playfulness of the Juliana but that wasn't the case. In fact it took her about 10 seconds on the ML to decide that she wanted one. She instantly noticed the stiffness of the frame when pedaling - it just felt more efficient and accelerated a bit better. The Titus really shined when she pushed it hard into corners. The extra stiffness gave her so much more feel for what the rear tire was doing. She also felt that the extra weight of the frame (about 3/4 of a lb) was off set by the extra stiffness.

As far as suspension performance goes, I don't have too much to report at this stage. We're still dialing it in. Obviously it's plusher, but it takes a while before you feel comfortable with the capabilities of a new bike. In 5" travel mode she's running 120 psi in the rear (25% sag) and she's using about 4.5" of travel on the more technical trails. I spoke to Titus and they told me that the travel ramps up in the last 1".

Anyway I hope that that answers some of the questions. I'll add more info as she gets more seat time.


On more thing - She was able to trackstand a lot better on the new frame - she thought this was also to do with the frame stiffness. The balance point was easier to feel/control.
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