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San Tan Mountian Regional Park!!

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I live in Queen Creek so the Santan Mountains are really close to me. Ive been hiking there a few times on the front side of the mountain to steep for a bike. But on the back side there is regional park and it was pretty fun. I explored pretty much all the trails goldmine,moonlight and san tan. san tan trail was the longest and i was impressed at all of them. its a bit sandy in some sections and its about 50/50 climbing and down hill. i think this park is still gona add a few more trails and clean them all up a bit but for now its pretty awesome. over all i had a good ride! try it out!

anyone else ever tried these trails?
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yeah, they freakin blow compared to what used to be there. all of the singletrack has been replaced by doubletrack, and the entire thing has been sanitized.

the one good thing to come out of it is that now my girlfriend will ride with me there.
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