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hey fellow mtbrs... I wanted to share some pictures from my durango to moab adventure...It was a blast!!! :D
Day 1: Up to Bolam Pass in the San Juan Mountains
Body of water Nature Natural landscape Mountainous landforms Natural environment

the 4000' of climbing begins
Natural environment Mountainous landforms Trail Highland Outdoor recreation

getting near the top...
Mountainous landforms Road Highland Slope Mountain

what a view ....:thumbsup:
Mountainous landforms Sky Cloud Recreation Highland

Gorgeous sunset @ 11,000 feet
Nature Mountainous landforms Sky Natural environment Natural landscape

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Awesome trip!

I have always wanted to attempt that trip. I love Southwestern Colorado. I can't wait to read your writeup regarding your experience.

Was there any singletrack or all forest roads?

Congrats! :thumbsup:
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