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san clemente single tracks (SCST) trail conditions?

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Looking to ride SCST next weekend, but have heard many sections are messed up, even unrideable with bridges out, etc from the rains. Anyone been there lately and can report on how conditions might be by next week? Thanks!
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Seemed fine when I was out there last weekend... but hey, I'm from Australia and it was my first ever ride there, so what the hell do I know!
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hanks Micka. Is what you rode similar to mtb bill's review of these trails, shown here?
My ride was all in the Northern & middle sections, didn't venture into the Southern areas. Probably rode three quarters of the trails in those two areas. Evidence of lots of small landslips in the higher/steeper areas, but never came across any impassable obstacles/ erosion. No mud. Go have fun :)
Nice! Thanks so much mate. :) can't wait to ride those trails for the first time! I work on camp pendleton a few times a year and have seen these trails a few times, but never had my bike. Can't wait!
A lot of the singletrack is built on clayey soil that retains water for a long time - I wouldn't go out there for a week after even a moderate amount of rain.
yea I live on the hill behind the south portion and I wouldn't even consider it until early april unless we get really warm temps next week. Quite a bit of rain over the past few days so I'm sure it's going to be a bog for a while yet....

even last week it was still muddy in parts out at wood canyon, so I doubt it even got rideable since the last storm
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