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Just purchased an 04-05 san andreas frame... always wanted one, remember that first ad in the bike mag's in the early 90's!

What forks should i be looking at? Travel length for the front i read around 130mm is about right?

Not sure if double crown is for me.. but open minded. Anyone with some feedback on forks that have worked well and not so well would be helpful.

Will be using the bike for everything. So a good all round fork is needed. Old is cool :)

New here and new to mountain cycle :D

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It depends on what rear shock is fitted.
If it has a 6.5" then a 120 - 130mm fork will work best.

If it has a 7.5" shock then it will be better with a 130 - 140mm fork.

If built with a 7.5" shock and 140mm fork, it will be a tall bike that is fun on off camber terrain.
If built with a 6.5" shock and 120 - 130mm fork, it will be a lower quicker handling bike.

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