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i've been wanting to invest in a helmet cam for a while now and will soon have the means to. what do you guiys think is a better product?? using a viosport camera add on and use it with my existing mini dv camera or buying a brand new samsung sport cam that has the helmet cam included?

thanks! any user input would be greatly appreciated

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Viosport . . .

more flexibility . . . flexably . . . flexable . . .

ah hell, just more things you can do with tape vs. memory cards and places to mount the viosport i.e., on helmet, on downtube, handlebars, chainstay, etc.

I don't know about the Sanyo and how long the extension for it's lipstick cam are?

Viosport up to 520 lines resolution

what's the resolution on the Sanyo?

Doesn't matter what you get, nothing works good going in and out of bright sun and shadows in trees . . .

either one works best on flat-light days
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