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I am ready to buy a DS frame to put these parts on:
Azonic Outlaws
Maxxis ADvantage 2.4's
Avid BB7's 8 inch
Avid FR7 levers
Avid flack jacket cables
Sram X7 rapid fire shifters
Sram X7 rear and X gen front der.
Sram 970 cassette and 971 chain
Manitou Travis 150mm single fork

Still need to buy:
Truvativ Holzfeller dual ring crankset
Holzfeller bar and stem
FSA headset
SDG I beam and Bel air seat
Crank Bros Mallet C's
small parts like seat post QR, tubes, etc

So I weigh close to 300 pounds and Turner and Fox told me I was out of luck on the RFX. They say i am too heavy for the leverage ratio on the Fox shock. Turner recomended a 5 pack, 5 spot rear, RFX front. I was prepared to spend about $1700 on the RFX frame but I just cant go $2000 on the 5 pack. Here on the east coast I ride rocky and rooty singletrack and would like to have some room to grow, skill wise not weight wise.

So here is the question. Should I get a Heckler with a Fox 5.0 Coil shock or maybe a Kona Coiler with the same Fox? Any other sugestions?

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
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