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My bike was destroyed by a car this morning, and I'm just wondering if any of these parts are cost-effective to fix. I'm getting a new bike, thank you driver at fault, but if I can sell any parts off the trashed one...well, that would be awesome.

Definitely broken:
Two tacoed rims, with the rear wheel rim cracked and broken
Bent front brake rotor, probably a busted caliper to go with it
Dropouts broken clean off the fork
Bent outer and middle chainrings
Front shifter completely destroyed

Also might be broken (I can't tell just by looking and I'm no techie...yet):
Pretty sure the front derailleur cage isn't in the right spot
Crankarms look like they might be bent inward more than usual
Seat angle unnaturally far forward
Rear derailleur jockey bent inward

Can't find anything wrong, but I'm skeptical:
Handlebars, stem, headset
Rear shifter
Most of rear derailleur
Rear brake rotor and caliper
Tires and tubes

The bike is a 2007 Gary Fisher Wahoo Disc, part listing found here. I paid $550 for the bike, so there's not anything super valuable on it...but still. Money is money, and I'm a poor college student who could definitely use a few extra bucks.

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Up in Seattle where I'm at, we have Recycled Cycles who buys bikes like yours, and then part the out for individual sale or sometimes build new bikes. You could expect $50-100 depending on the condition of things. Maybe more, but don't get your hopes too high.

Personally unless you have some attachment for any of the components, I probably wouldn't re-use much from the old bike if I was building from scratch. But I would likely keep the parts in shoe boxes for a rainy day. Even junk like cable housing can be handy to keep around for quick and cheap repairs.
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