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I'd like to get a better and clearer understanding of the Fargo versus the Vaya. To that end, I just finished reading the following blog posting, and the follow-up comments:

And in particular this quote from Tim Krueger:

"Butcher, I, and about 5 other people in the company have been riding the Vaya since last June, and we can all guarantee you that adding road tires to a Fargo does not give the same experience. The Fargo is optimized for dirt, and teh Vaya is optimized for pavement. When you ride them both, this is really clear."

I really would like more specifics on the above. Has anyone ridden both frames? Can you comment? What, specifically, will I find different between Fargo and Vaya?

I ask from the perspective of someone who bought a Fargo last year primarily as an "all road" bike. I ran Big Apples last year, and have been planning to switch to a somewhat narrower tire (maybe 1.75" instead of 2.2") this year.

Should I just buy a Vaya instead?

I have sometimes taken the Fargo on singletrack, but by and large I'm on paved or gravel roads, or two-track logging trails.Is the Vaya more appropriate? What, specifically, will I noticed by going to the Vaya?

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I guess by what I mean with that Jonathan is that if you have ridden a regular road bike, and a regular mountain bike, you can feel the difference between the geometries. This is where you can "feel" the difference between the Vaya and Fargo. Sure, both can fit big tires, racks, and are somewhat similar. Its about feel.

As far as terrain, if I were a tourist, I would pick Vaya. If I were a gravel hittin man, I would pick Vaya. Two-track dirt is kinda the nebulus between the two. Then moving to trails such as two-track, forest roads, etc., this is where I would start picking the Fargo. Of course, both are capable across the lines of the other one. We know we didn't design them with clear distinctions, and this may make it hard for some to decide. We did this on purpose though so that both have a certain flavor, but are also very versatile.

What you really just have to think is where your heart lies. Dirt or road? This is how you pick Fargo vs. Vaya.

Ride and Smile!
Tim, Salsa Cycles
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