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I am and have been trying to contact you in regard to my request in having my warrantee honored on the broken Head Tube of my Salsa Las Cruces frame. The frame is still under warrantee but after my the initial email from Eric in which he requested I contact the regional distributor, Salsa has not responded to my successive requests for assistance.

Your regional distributor would like to ignore my request without looking at the damage.

I am not getting any help or information from Salsa or Salsa's dealers or distributors on this matter. I am getting the run around. I am very disappointed by this development.

Furthermore, I have telephoned Salsa numerous times during office hours and have only gotten an answering machine.

I would really like to resolve this matter in a positive way and I regret having to seek your assistance through this forum. I do not know where else to go to have this frame dealt with per warrantee agreement.

I hope your company will contact me ASAP

Thank You!

Andrew K.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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