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Salsa Delgado Tubeless?

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Was thinking of converting over a set of salsa delgado rims to tubeless. I know thy say they are not compatible, but wondering if anyone has successful converted them. If so which tubeless kit would you recommend?
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I've gone tubeless w/ both Delgado Cross, and Delgado Race. In both cases I had to build up the rim bed.
For the Delgado Cross I used 2 layers of Velox and the standard 29'er strip, for the Delgado Race the same but some layers of strapping tape to fill the center groove first. I was going to use insulating foam to fill the groove, but the stuff I bought was too big, so I just winged it.
I know BruceBrown has made some Delgado rims tubeless. I've asked him about how he did it in another thread. Let me see if he's responded and I'll link it. Just so everyone knows, this is for the original Delgado Disc rim that's 29mm wide.

Here it is:

There's also a whole thread on tubeless set ups folks have created. Bruce links it in the above post but here it is again:

I guess you can't delete posts here.

Sorry, double post. ;)
i have done it after reading bruce browns post, but it is a pain to seat everything (rim strip, tire and weatherstripping). once it was seated it held the bead fine. i finally swapped over to stans rims and never looked back. SO much easier and quicker
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