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Saint 800 to 810's

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I'm going to pull the 800's off my 37lb intense ss to go on an urban project I am working on. My question is should I jump to the 810's or should i go to 775 XT's? I have never been terribly disappointed with the stopping power of my 800's w/ 203mm rotors but more would be better. I am 205lbs with gear and this is my do everything bike. Thanks
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Considering the M800 is exactly the same as the old XT M765 just different color. Shimano boast that the new M775 is 20% more powerful than the old XT because of Servo Wave.
I was aware of that. I guess I should be asking which will have better modulation? The 810's or the M775's. I am willing to trade some stopping power for added control.
I've got 775s and 810s and came from 765s. Since you didn't find the 800s lacking, get the 775s. They have more power, better ergonomics, and excellent modulation. The 810s have a whole lot more power and better fade resistance. At 220 lbs, I find the modulation fine but some lighter riders find them a bit grabby. My favorite combo is 775s with an 810 front caliper.
I pretty much agree with everything said above. 765 lack the servo wave so have a more linear modulation through the lever stroke. 775s ramp up at the end giving great power increases but still very controllable. 810s I am not sure if its my skills or the brakes that keep the front wheels from locking up but sometimes I feel like i am just hanging on for the ride when i have the levers clamped down all the way. I go around 175 nekkid.
Thanks guys I appreciate the input.
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