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Saddle Pain

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I bought a Trek 6500 bike about a month ago. Love the bike but the Bontrager Race Basic seat is KILLING my backside. Are there any recommended seat adjustments I could make or is the seat basically a POS?

Any recommendations for a seat upgrade? Weight isn't a huge issue with me as racing isn't in my future. Looking for a comfortable, yet stylish and functional seat. I heard the WTB Speed V isn't a bad choice for the money.

Thanks in advance....
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i have the same saddle on my bike switch them to wtb pure v during winter and found it very confortable ... and last week i try a new bike with a fizik aliante saddle ... what a difference very confortable ... depending of your body ... you should go to your lbs and try some before to buy anew one .... btw my pure v is for sale now .... if you wanna try for cheap :thumbsup:
Everyone's rear ends are different, so getting specific recommendations is almost pointless because what's comfy for me may be excruciating for you. That being said, you can go to a Specialized dealer and get your sits bones measured. That'll ensure that you get the right size saddle. Their saddles are also top notch. There are some online shops like Competitive Cyclist that have saddle programs. You essentially pay for a saddle, and they send you like 5 different ones, then you keep the one that's most comfy and send the rest back. Some saddle companies, like Terry, just have an awesome return policy, and let you return the saddle if it's uncomfortable. Plus, your LBS might have a good saddle policy, too. They key to finding something that works for you is that you just keep trying until you find it...and hopefully it doesn't take 20 saddles to do so. Good luck. :)
You should visit the LBS and try different saddles. Remember you butt will get used to some discomfort after 200 or so miles. I do agree that the fi-zi-k aliante is a pretty comfortable saddle for most. Also try the Selle Italia Max Flite.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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