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Saddle opinions for a different case (too say the least)

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I am looking for a saddle. And here's the kicker: I was in a horrible accident a few years ago with a gasoline can and a fire (boom). So i hav sustained some very severe burns on my bum.:madmax: (ouch right?) so I got into riding a couple of years ago just to get back in shape. And found out the junk is awesome!! But unfortunately I just can't get by with a "normal" saddle. I've used a sette flex v saddle which seems to be a good width. And I've had to reupholster my own memory foam cover on top of that. Just to make it manageable along with some fairly nice shorts with a good chamois. So im looking for a saddle that has that extreme plushy feel as much as I know that isn't the best, memory foam seems it may work well. Width around 170-190mm I'm thinking. And a comfort saddle just isn't gonna cut with my riding style haha. Any ideas??? HELP!
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Have you ever been fitted to your bike at a good LBS? I know your situation is different but a lot of pain problems in somewhat new riders is poor rider setup. Having your handle bars too high or too low combined with a seat that is too high or too low and angled up/down too much will cause pain to your back side. Most decent LBS will also have a pad you can sit on that will show exactly where your sit bones are to help get the proper width seat. Also you may just need to ride more. I used to ride about 10-15 miles almost every day then I took about a 4 year break due to some life and career changes and am now dealing with slight soreness now that I'm riding again. My bike hasn't changed, I just haven't built back my riding tolerance.
Yeah I've been fitted for my bike and I knw my set up is right on. I'm just a tad on the meticulous side of that haha. I've been riding regularly for about 2 years now at about 2 days a week. Sometimes less but not enough to make that kind of difference. It just really comes down too having adequate padding in my saddle bc the skin that's burnt is very sensitive to pressure. And there's alot of that goin on in a saddle at times. Just need a sporty saddle with good plush padding that's a little wider for that solid platform bc I don't have one built in anymore lol.
I have found that shorts are more effective than the saddle as far as comfort goes for me. The Sugio RS and Sugoi RSE (although pricey) are worth it.
WTB makes some more of the plush saddles like the Laser V and Rocket V.
Thanks! I have actually been looking at some of the wtb saddles bc I've kinda got the vibe that they were some pretty decent comfortable saddles. It's just so hard to buy one before u try it first. My LBS's doesn't have a large selection if saddles to try out. So I'll just have to drive a ways to get to a shop that does. And the shorts seem to be quite nice as well. I just dont think u could lose with the rse's. I appreciate the input again!!!
Not a problem at all. I finally settled on my WTB Silverado after testing a number of different saddles at the LBS. I am sure the drive to the not so local shop is a pain in the ass, but it won't be a pain in the ass later.
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