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This is not a political post! CNN is reporting that it was revealed at Saddam's trial that he was planning to escape by bike at some point. (Please don't let this be another one of those times when I jump to conclusions and later find out "bike" meant "motorcycle.")

So what bike would be best to escape with in Iraq if you were Saddam Hussein? I'm guessing he'd want to avoid the Airport Road, so he'd want to go with something with offroad capability. What do you think? Is it sandy enough out there he'd want a Pugsley?Something with some travel would be nice if he had time for hucking spider-holes and the like, but I'm guessing he'd just be planning to get out of there fast. Perhaps folks in or back from Iraq would know the terrain/have tire suggestions.

To start things off I'm going to say a relatively non-flashy 'cross bike, like a Surly. Karate Monkey if the sand requires a little more floatation. In any case, I am concerned about his fitness (fit to stand trial but I don't see him lasting long on two wheels).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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