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Sign in, Saber, let us know you're doing OK.

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Agreed. Love to hear an update. Internet is slow right now I understand, but it'd be great to hear you're alright.
He lives in Iran, and I believe he said that protests were happening very close to him, so close that he saw people being killed.

Edit: 4th paragraph here.

Good luck over there!
The world is for a free Iran Saber!! Tell your peeps to hang in there!! Fight for your right for freedom.

FYI, a little something to look forward too, In the free world, not only are women free from burkas, many don't were panties:eekster: and that alone is worth fighting for!:thumbsup:
Been thinking the same thing the last day or so. Was hoping for an update since his last posting. (referenced above)

Just hoping the 'net crackdown on his end is the only issue.

Positive Vibes your way.

We're keepin' our eyes on you bro!

Tell 'em not to mess with a buncha pi$$ed off DHers.

Stay safe!
I was thinking about Saber as well today. Hope he's safe. Seeing what's going on over there makes me realize how ridiculously blessed I am to live here in the US. It's also incredibly hopeful though, to see the strides the Iranian people are making. Gives me hope that we are moving towards a better world, despite efforts to the contrary. And could give us more places to ride...
guess i'll chime in as the conspiracy theory nutball. As much as I think it's awesome that he posts on here and occasionally throws in his thoughts on the gov, it's just not a wise thing for him to do. It's a record of his dissenting opinion. A month or two ago that may not have been a problem, but it's easily accessible and completely public, a friend could disagree with his opinions and point straight to proof. With a gov like that of Iran, it's just dangerous.

Yes, this site is a bit more "under the radar" but it's happened before, blogger imprisoned in egpyt is one example that sticks out in my mind and only because it was picked up a little bit by "the mainstream media".

I wish him peace and safety in these times, and I hope the outcome of this strife is what the people want......... remember, if there is hope, it lies with the proles.
May you and your family be safe in my prayers to be safe
"Seeing what's going on over there makes me realize how ridiculously blessed I am to live here in the US."

Iran had a democratic state until 1953, when the USA had it destroyed in order to better serve themselves and the British. History is not the patriotic shite they tell you in school.

Saber has been posting recently, and posted some pics and his thoughts of the protests. First thing I thought of was if he was perhaps endangering himself doing so. The next thing was how they still have access to the internet.
"The next thing was how they still have access to the internet."

It's very difficult to tell whether they have all/some/none, although it's quite clear even from mainstream media that information coming out of Iran is greatly reduced/inhibited. Here's a link to some blog discussion. It also doesn't appear to be any sign of peace, so we may have a wait before Saber turns up here again. It's futile to wish him and his people well, but there's not a great deal else that we can do.
I was wondering a few days ago if the government is just waiting the people out until they get tired and don't want to fight anymore. Haven't heard much in some days.

I'm still amazed that while they most likely will not enact any change out there, they are sending a message to their government, and to the world, regardless. I mentioned in another thread that [our] US politicians are afraid of us getting too powerful, and an uprising by the people like this would be disasterous in the US, and many democratic nations where the people want change. Something like this would keep our government honest and working for us, yet we sit at home and do nothing.
Something like this would keep our government honest and working for us, yet we sit at home and do nothing
As long as your average American can go to Best Buy and purchase their iPod or flatpanel TV or whatever with their credit card they simply don't care how corrupt things get with government and big business. Things would have to get a LOT worse (publicly) for the average Joe before they'll even get off the couch and sign an online petition, let alone leave the house and participate in a demonstration.

Hopefully things never get to that point here, but who knows?
Safe and sane on the saddle.

Safe and sane right here ridding and messing with shock dampers as usual .
First of all I knew I had many friends round the globe over here but I didn't know I could count on you this much !! Im really really proud to have such responsible friends over here. And so much kind to feel my absence .

I did take part in the rallies on the first day but no further . And I did see violence .
But soon realized one fact ( with my dads advise indeed whom their generation had the experience of the 79's revolution ) .

That is : politics sucks in all forms and shapes . the main field a society needs for freedom is freedom of culture among all categories of the nation.

I have tried and am trying to develop such a culture between my category via bike passion . And I don't think I need to explain how riding is connected to the culture of freedom and openmindity.

But I have many non rider pals to ride and converted many XCers into Full facers as I have gravity trend my self!! And at least made my surrounding society closer to the ideal I have in mind .
You know it's a simple working thing ridding bikes does effect culture.

Never mind back to my passion and back to all of you my cool friends whom iv never saw 'never met ' never heard but do love you all in the heart corresponding to your kindness.

Very avid to get to my glory days like the era I reported every race and ride with neat photos and write down.
Its not that im not showing up here , IM not showing up passion like before As a matter of fact I ride less and Im not eager to carry my camera to shoot and share .

All because the mental situation im in my personal non riding life. At the end of university .A critical point to chose carrier . Made many mental dilemmas and some disorders to wake up from childhood. Know the cure is to ride more but from this point continuing life is depending on the choice I make now . So I will gather all the self confidence and undependability the ridding community and riding its self gave me to prevent the mistakes I done before.

It's a year I havnt been in the racing scene . Ridding doesn't make my soul free as before gona concentrate to pass this section of life safe and sane.

By the way im was not that much invisible . Didn't you see my thread on the Specialized fork??

Im also gona tell you what I did with that too! I hade no technical info . even called Specialized for info but they told me to post it to the states .

It had some missing parts . And I had to guess what the missing parts were and calculate the dimention of the part I needed to machine via trial and error . The same dilemmas for the IFP position.
But finished it after a week. Man it did really satisfy me after hours of meddling in the barn in the midnight. Will write about that too.

Again thanks to all of you friends . Wish I could come to the states or host any of you pals over here to have a ride together.
Like to see the riding community in the states closely.

Ill try to keep up more often .
Thanks bro's :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Pix :
1: A few weeks ago in our local Trails.

2 : At the park in in the foothills

3 : Ridding in the park we have on the other side of Tehran . West Tehran which is the kingdom of XC & rodies . Doesn't have the gravity riding natural terrain.

4: With my XC .( just don't blame me why not using my helmet .You know DH ers simply think ridding XC doesn't need a helmet I know it needs but cant help with the DH manners ).


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