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S works carbon hardtail -650b wheels 19lb

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Here are a few pics of my recently finished XC bike. I race regularly but to be honest I enjoy building bikes almost as much as racing them.
This is my all time favourite bike, its so fast & smooth and the bigger wheels float over roots & rough ground, giving me the perfect race bike for UK courses. Traction on climbs is also improved by the bigger wheels, and the low weight means the bike accelerates like someone is pushing you from behind!
The frame has amazing mud clearance which makes it perfect for a 650b wheel conversion.


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Nice bike. Curious - what is your BB height with the 650b Ralphs?
can i have that?
Bottom bracket height is 320mm.
The geometry is spot on, very sweet handling with an 80mm fork. Not sure how it would change with a 100m fork but 80mm is enough for me.
Great looking 650b Specialized

I just wanted to comment on how nice your new 650b/Specialized creation looks. I'm super jealous b-cuz I'm still waiting for my LBS to get me those 650b Ralphs? :thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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