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S.V., Boise, Missoula, Bozone folks...

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I am coming your way, lock up the liquor and women!
Seriously, I am coming through to hook bike/ski shop employees up (and possibly some other random folks) with summer lift passes to Targhee. Looking to ride every day, I will likely be in Sun Valley next Monday, Boise Tue/Wed, Missoula Thursday, Bozone/Big Sky Friday. If any of you can suggest the 'must go to' ships in these areas, I would love to hear about them. Also looking for possible crash space in each location, if convenient. (That would get you some lift tickets, and reciprocity!)

I look forward to meeting some of you, and maybe even get in a ride or two (If I can even remember how to ride a bike, yeesh)
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I see your posts regularly at TGR. I'll be riding early Wednesday a.m. in Military Reserve area. It'll be an easy morning since I'll be recovering from a Tuesday night soccer league game. If you want to tag along PM me here or at TGR.
Try out the new Leverich Trail when in Bozeman and give us some visitor feedback.
Maybe the free birds in Boise (like Impdude or mtnbkrdr98) can take you up to ride in the trees near Bougus Basin on Tuesday. That sure would beat the lower foothills in terms of scenery, aromas, and temperature (if it's hot).

Would love to call in sick on Tuesday to ride with you guys....
I think I will ride in Boise Wed...anybody up to show me around Bogus and finish with SSC?
Hey Impy, PM me!
ride the rattlesnake in missoula on thursday. give me a call if you want a partner! PM me for my number.
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