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Hey everyone. I'm not real use to posting in this forum, but figured this was the best spot for my questions...

I'm looking to buy a 27.5 fork real soon. I just ordered a Soma B-Side frame and will be doing a ground up build around it. Price is a factor in my buying choices. I would like to find a fork that fits my needs for at or under $400. The Rockshox Revelation RL seems like it could fit the bill.

Here's the link:

Here are the travel lengths posted by Rockshox: 27.5": 150/140/130/100mm

I need a 100-120mm fork with a tapered steerer and 15mm axle. I read that the spacers for limiting travel are 10 or 20mm each. I don't get why there are no 110 or 120mm options listed. Can someone help me with that? I found the 140mm version of this fork for $350. Can I easily change the travel to fit my needs? Or should I keep searching?

I've never had an air sprung fork before. I need something user friendly. I ride mainly Florida rocky, rooty, single track. I do venture out to other states and areas on occasion. No big air or large drops.

I'm about 6'2" and about 210lbs fully geared, if that matters.

Opinions or suggestions for other forks that would fit my needs are more than welcomed.

Thank you-

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