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Ryan Starts a BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey guys - I wanted to share my riding season with everyone this year and since I'm pretty banshee loyal I thought i'd share it with other banshee riders for sure. If you're interested, please follow throughout the season - I am picking up a HERO HD camera this year to help document.

Really my blog will cover bike stuff that I think is cool - my fitness - and of course my riding for the season. Keep in mind i'm not that good of a rider so what I do may seem tame to a lot of you guys.... ha. Anyway I get my health insurance back early feb so I should be able to hit the trails by then and start the season off early. :thumbsup:

Here is the link - simple as that.
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lornibear said:
Looking forward to following this...
Thanks! It should be a fun undertaking and I hope people have a good time seeing what is going on .. in my bike life.
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