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Hi everyone

Wondering if anyone can help me.
I have a problem with my Kona Coiler (07?) frame which is just under 1 1/2 years old.
The areas around the where the cables attach to the frame and the screws for the water bottle, seem to have some bubbling under the paint.

Here are the pics:

My best guess is that its rust. The cable attachments do not have any chip/ break in the paint and i have never even used the water bottle screws.

I do not ride in any unusual wet conditions and always dry my bike after its wet, from water on a ride or when i have washed it. My bike is in good condition, my LSB knows this, always serviced, no crashes etc.

Im not to sure about length of the warranty on my frame, and want to have a solid case before i go down to my LSB. (Im from Sydney, Australia if that helps)

So what can i do? will my warranty cover something like this from anyones experience?
I do not want to ignore it and ride from another year , then my frame snaps :(

Any tips on what i can do?

Thanks in advance :)

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Your frame is aluminum so it could be corrosion under the paint. The cause is the same as rust though, moisture. At 2 years it's a tough call for a warranty issue. You and the LBS would have to scrape away the paint to verify whether it's corrosion or poor paint. If it's corrosion it falls back on moisture which the manufacture would say was caused from the owner. Yes you can over wash your bike and cause this even if you dry it. If it's poor frame prep for the paint it will depend on how many cases they have dealt with. :crazy:
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