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I was wondering if anyone had some good tips on rust. Over the summer I bought back my first nice bike, a 1994 Slingshot which I had not taken very good care of back in the day (lots of wet rides, not a lot of cleaning, left it out in the rain a few times). The crappy powdercoat it came with flaked of in many spots and there is some corrosion around the top tube/seat tube junction and on the cable routers.

Is there a good way to tell how much rust is too much? The tubes aren't rusting through or anything and its doesn't appear to be in any high stress areas.

Would it be okay to just sand blast the frame and send it in for a repaint/reboard?

Even thought the bike is inside now should I slap some paint on the rusty portions right now?

I'm sure this has been dealt with before but searching for "Rust" on this forum is about as useful as searching for "bike", "how much is it worth" or "nice _____ on Craigslist".
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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