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gemini2000 said:
how much weight will you loose by changing the rush's stock wheelset to crossmaxs?
Dear Gemini,
i don't know about Xmax but last friday at the shop i weighed the wheels of my current Jekyll 900 04 (X819 24 DT spokes) that i'm going to replace with those of my future new Rush 600 upgraded that i'll take tomorrow (i've put the stock Rush 600 wheels on the Jek, that will become my 2nd bike) and the wheels of stock Rush 600. The overall difference was around 650 grams!! I'm referring to complete wheels with disks, cogs, tyres and so on, ready to mount! Maybe Xmax could score even better! The surprising difference was on the rear wheel: 450 grams!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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