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Rush 6 or RZ One Forty 5

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New guy here, wanting to get back into biking. Sold my last bike before I went to Iraq, and now want to get another one.

I just got stationed in Seoul and am looking for a bike to ride back and forth to work 3-4 days a week, plus some weekend riding both on pavement and off road. I'm leaning heavily towards a full suspension mountain bike for the simple reason that the roads (especially near my apartment) are unbelievably bad! Seriously...I've seen loads of trails that are quite a bit smoother. There would be quite a bit of hills involved in the ride to work (downhill going in, uphill going home). The truly bad road quality and my desire to ride on some unpaved bike trails around here are leaning me towards a full-suspension mountain bike. Plus they're just a little more comfortable to me...they take the edge off the rough stuff nicely.

Shipping to Korea is insanely expensive, so I need to buy locally if I can. And it just so happens that the PX now carries Cannondale!

I'm considering an 09 Rush 6 ( ) or an RZ One Forty 5 ( ). The Rush seems to be lighter, although I don't have a scale handy to weigh it, and I haven't found any weights listed anywhere...weight is a consideration because of the hills. I'm 6 ft, 210, 34 inch inseam, and the large seems to be about right to me for either bike.

I'm sure that some would say get a road bike, but because of the truly bad roads here and my desire to ride trails on the weekends I'm leaning heavily towards a mountain bike for doing both. There is a Bad Boy Solo lefty in stock that I LOVE the looks of, but I think the roads would beat it up bad here, not to mention beating me up, and I'd have to get different wheels & tires for the trails anyway.

Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
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off topic. whats the price quote they gave you on the RZ One40 5?

RZ One40 5 is $1579, the Rush 6 is shown at $1679. But a little online digging has shown a lower price for the Rush since it's an 09, so I'm pulling the info together to get the PX to match the lower price I saw...I think it was $1599 or something close. The RZ One40 5 at $1579 seems like a good price...I was seeing $1799 online. No taxes or shipping either with the PX, so that seems pretty good to me.

I'm leaning towards the Rush, but I'm still not entirely sure. I like the slightly lighter feel of the rush, and I don't think I need all the suspension travel of the One40.
Pikepedia has a 09 Rize 5 at 31.25 lbs.
Saw one site with the 2007 Rush 6 at 29.9 lbs and another at 30.25 lbs.

I woulf rather have the extra travel of the RZ.
If your not going to be needing the longer travel of the 140, I would get the Rush. I like that its a single pivot design, can be built up light and tough (mines at/under 28lbs with a Clydesdale'ish build), and because you could probably find nice used bikes for cheep (or a frameset) although that shipping cost you mention may make that prohibitive. I just saw a clean polished Rush frame go for under $380 in SD!
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