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OK...maybe I just can't find the "debate" posted but here's my story:

I'm currently running a Mavic C29ssmax wheelset with Hutchinson Python tubeless ready 29er tires on my Intense Spider 29er. These tires have a little less "hookup" than what I'm accustomed to.

1) I was wondering what success has been running tires such as WTB Exiwolf (kevlar version--not wire bead), Bontrager Xdx tubeless ready or Rampage with the Mavic C29ssmax wheelset?
2) Is it worthwhile to run a Stan's yellow strip in the Mavic wheelset to provide better sealing when you aren't running a "tubeless ready" tire? (this is my most important question that I have)

If I could get away with running a kevlar beaded tire I really would love to save some weight on the Mavic wheelset. Believe me, I don't want to jeopardize my safety though just to save some weight.

FYI...I'm waiting for the Hutchinson TORO 29er tire to finally hit the market. I'm thinking that it actually might be perfect and totally "tubeless ready" compatible with the Mavic wheelset.
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